Fathers Day 2019

With #FathersDay coming up, I was thinking. Never a good thing for me to do. But I realized something. Dad’s get the raw deal. Some of us have our fathers in our lives, some of us do not. Some of us have the chance to be fathers, some of us dont. But what is a father? No matter who is, or where they are. We all have one, some of us have had several such figures in our own lives. Some of us, never had the chance to be the ones others had expected us to be. That does not negate the fact, so much of who we are as a person comes from those fathers in our lives. Even if you are alone this fathers day, realize. Somewhere out there, because of you, we all have had the chance to be. For those like me, you have had several father figures in your life. Gaining a little from each one as you go. If your like me your also a father, even thought you maybe currently detached from your off spring. That only means, you have the chance to pass on who you are to not only others, but down the road, you will be able to connect with your own children maybe when they are about to start their own father hood, and share with them the struggles that you faced that kept you apart. Maybe your own father, is long out of your life, but you will always carry his name and his memory. Search out for the good, and share those times with the ones in your life. Dads wear so many hats, that many of us. Lose our selves and as far as the world sees it we are lost. But someone out there will always care for us as if he was our own father. Life is hard, and being a dad is not easy. So this fathers day thank the man that took the time to be with and there for you when you needed. Men and Dads, are work in progress, and that will never end, just like the love of a father…

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