Sunday 2019-05-19

I have #bipolar type 1 sever #anxiety #ptsd #ADD/ADHD and #Dyslexia I am too “intense” for almost everyone I encounter. No matter what I do to try and make myself seem “normal” For that alone, I will never have Love Friendship nor the support I need to build my vision and life. As a single male that is #bipolar, #poor, does not drive, a bit of a #nudist it is extremely hard to make friends, and have someone to be #creative with. I live in isolation and loneliness. Would have been the perfect morning to get out and capture the world and the people in it. The cloudy start provides a wonderful and naturally defused light. O well, guess I am the only one that sees that.

I could really use your Help Today, I am $250 short on bills and my computer I create with is failing fast, Will you please help me out today? Just $10 can be a huge help, Please now I need to raise $3500 ASAP Thank You So Much.

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