Are you looking for a Travel Companion?

Do you find your self on the road often? Miss having a real life person to talk to and enjoy the time? For $50 a day, you can pick me up and I will travel with you. I am 41, single and male. I DO NOT DRIVE. I will simply ride with you and keep you company. I reserve the right to end my travels at any time for any reason. For anything longer than one day, you will help with food and lodging. I am on SSDI, and looking to supplement my income and do a little traveling. So why not offer my companionship services. I have an a obsession with photography, so my camera and laptop will be traveling with me. No, unless I really need to pee, or I can see your really tired from driving I wont dictate when you stop. You can choose to pay me for the time planed all upfront, or by the day. I prefer paypal, but can use google pay, and in some cases I will accept cash, but not a fan of that. Ok well happy trails.

I could really use your Help Today, I am $250 short on bills and my computer I create with is failing fast, Will you please help me out today? Just $10 can be a huge help, Please now I need to raise $3500 ASAP Thank You So Much.

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