Dead Man at Chapelhill Cemetery.

911: Operator: 911 What is your emergency?
Caller: They are all dead.
Operator: Who’s dead caller?
Caller: Every one, I am just standing here and they are all dead.
Operator: Caller where are you?
Caller: I am at Chapelhill Cemetery.
Operator: Caller, um they are supposed to be dead.
Caller: So should I burry them then?
Operator: Caller, you mean there are dead people and they are not buried?
Caller: NO. Dead people are all around me just laying on the ground.
Operator: Caller, stay where you are I am dispatching help now.
Caller: But don’t they don’t need help now they are dead.
Operator: Caller are you ok?
Operator: Caller are you still with me?
Operator: All available units are needed at Chapelhill Cemetery, for reports of dead people. Caller has become unresponsive.
First Responder: Dispatch, show me on scene.
Dispatch: Copy that.
First Responder: There are about 50 people here all standing around one dead man with a phone in his hand. His phone shows to be connected to an ongoing call with 911. I think we will need some help to find out what is going on.
Dispatch: Copy that;

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