Nude Photography

I want to start doing nude photography. I dont care if your nude, but I want to be the naked as I photograph you. I think, there is a human element that has been lost in photography. The art of it has been lost to hurry up and service. I want to set up be naked and shoot you. I want to capture you on a personal level. I enjoy being creative, taking my time and not having to hurry off. I also prefer my subject to be in a natural state. Not posed, hurried or thinking. I want to capture them as they are all day every day. The world has professional models. If I wanted a scripted shoot I could easily do one. I want you natural. We hide behind masks so much, that we refuse to look at our selves, or allow others to see who we truly are. Yet when we are alone, we relax and allow ourselves to come out from hiding. Most call it their relaxing time. But imagine life if you where relaxed all the time. Natural. Without the masks and without the fear of what others see or think. It is then the best of us is present. I want to capture that. We are all beautiful, and special in our own way. So why not share that with the world. We may just break down so many of the barriers that have so much of society on edge today. So if your looking for some new portraits, and your open to picking me up, and cool with me being naked as I shoot you. Let me know, I am sure we can work something out. No this wont be free, but I wont be charging my normal fee just yet. If your wanting this nude and natural shoot, use the form on Commission Us and make sure you say your wanting the nude and natural shoot. Other wise I will send an invoice for my normal fee.

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