Just a fantasy

It may be just a fantasy, but it is one of mine.
As a 40 something man not in the model shape body everyone seems to desire. And a little quite and odd to say the least. I still desire to be wanted, needed and loved along with having my body worshiped. As a man of little means, and so many needs to be full filled. I have often fantasized about an older mature individual coming out to pick me up. Take me for a decent meal, then out shopping. Realizing my attire is not that great, you start by taking me to your favorite clothier where you help me pick out a few new outfits, and suggest I try them on. You enter the dressing room with me, to assist me. So you can see how it all fits. You check out my neck, shoulders and chest, my waist, my butt, and my crotch. Where you seem to focus a little to long, and you realize I am growing. You remove the pants from me, and hang them up, and you see I am slightly aroused. You kneel down, and begin to kiss my aroused penis. And you have me turn around and bend over, where you slide your tongue inside of my anus. But before you get to involved you stop, and say we will continue this later. We get me dressed, and as I finish putting on my clothes, you go and checkout with my new outfits. After wards, we go to have coffee, where you learn a little more about me, and realize I am in desperate need of a new computer. You ask what I need, and how much and I tell you what I am looking for. You happen to know a great place to get what I am looking for. On the way, as you drive, you reach over and ask me to pull out my penis. As you drive, you hold on to me as I become erect. And you just hold on to my penis, like most hold hands. We arrive at the store, and you realize we cant get out of the car with me having a ragging hard on. So you lean over, kiss the head, and slowly take my erect penis in your mouth. You enjoy sucking my penis until I fill you with my sperm. We then exit the car and walk into the store, where clearly we are both smiling. You keep reaching for my crotch, when ever you can, and it is not noticeable by others. You whisper to me, that you cant wait to get me home, so you can feel my penis deep inside of you. We find the computer that will take care of my needs, and you buy it for me. As we walk out of the store, you ask if I will let you eat my anus, and I say sure. We head to your place where you take your time exploring and enjoying my body, and after wards you take me home. And you ask how you can continue to help me out, and I tell you that a monthly allowance would be a huge help right now. I show you how you can send me the money each month. And we make plans to meet again someday. As the months go by we meet every now and then, and along with my monthly allowance, you take me shopping, and then you enjoy my body. But as time goes on you want more time with me, and eventually you offer me the world, so you can enjoy every moment with me. This is just a fantasy of mine, and I doubt it will ever become a reality, however I truly would enjoy it if became a reality. As I never mentioned the sexual orientation of myself, nor the gender of the individual. I will simply say this, I am all Man, and very dominant when it comes to intimacy.

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