To say the least I am very different than most other people. Which makes my life not only unique, but very difficult. To say I conform, or follow any social norms, would be wrong. I march to the beat of my own drum. I simply dont understand how to be what everyone else thinks I should be. I am simple while being extremely complex. At times I crave human interaction, while most of the time. I can not stand to be in the presence of others. I refrain from using the phone as much as possible. I am not a fan of texting. I will email, or converse online until I lose all interest. Which typically happens fast. Often I will share something that later I realize may not be the best thing, so I remove it. All this leads to misunderstanding from the outside world. They simply think I am either stupid, or crazy. The reality is, and in no way am I insulting anyone. But from my point of view, the world is stupid and crazy. See for most of my life, very few people have ever attempted, or chosen to actually learn about me, and how to communicate with me. Which is sad. People just assume, I will adapt and learn how to conform to the social norms. My brain does not work that way. In a world full of labels and diagnoses, I could be easily identified with many of them. I am so much more. But people refuse to actually become a friend. They rather discard me, there is a few through out life. That acted as though they tried. But again when I failed to conform, or become what they expected me to become. They write me off, and often in disrespectful ways. I am so aggravated right now, I can not think clearly. So where I am actually going with this. I dont know. For now I think I am just going to leave this as it is. Remember I am not like you at all. I am more than willing to learn about, and be your friend. But you, well you rather just ignore me. Never knowing me, for the man I truly am.

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