America has a problem.

America has a problem.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

In the name of perfection, we have nearly wiped out the Native Americans in disgusting ways. We have continued to treat them as 2nd class citizens. We brought the Negros over to serve us, as slaves. We forbid them to learn, to grow as a person and we treated them as disposable animals. We may not have enslaved, but we used the Chinese to do the work that white man felt to good to do.

Americans have since our founding, have found ways to rebuke humanity while “championing” the “little” man.

The “rich” have been accused of building wealth off the backs of the poor. TO some extent that is correct. At the same time. With out the rich man, no other man would have jobs, homes, foods, nor would we have a military that had the means to defend our country.

The new idea of the Green Deal, is just another way of oppressing a large segment of our country.

As a very poor man, I am afraid. As I can not work a normal job and I am disabled. I fear for all those that do have jobs.

If you try to “Tax” the top, to a point of breaking their wealth. They will leave America, they will take their money, their jobs, services and products with them. They will refuse to do any business in America. Suddenly you will bankrupt the entire nation. We will go from one of the wealthiest nations to a 3rd world in a very short time.

With no companies left there will be no jobs. No Taxes coming in. The government will have to completely shut down. Our military will fall. Our health care will end, your push for a more perfect union will shift us to a deserted waste land. People will be killing one another just for the food.

Man ever since we stopped being hunter gathers have failed at living in a more perfect union. No such thing exists.

I agree that the top 1%, could upon their own accord. Readjust their profits, so that the ones that helped them become wealthy, could live. Ie, cover food, child care, education. As well we have enabled University’s to become private banks. Education, should never come at the cost of life. We need to control what we are doing. But Taxing everyone and everything dose not work.

There is suppose to be help for people like me. Yet I live in poverty. Why? Because the taxes that are meant to trickle down to me, never make it to me.

Your stupid Green Deal, will only destroy the idea of the Perfect Union. What we need, is enforcement of the system that is already in place. Collectively the taxes taken in each year is more than enough to cover all aspects that both Democrats and Republicans want to cover. Yet, we fight and bicker. If I give the government $1.00 it should be divided equally. Instead, you fight over how much you get, and when you dont get what you want, you demand I give you more.

Life does not work that way. The sick can not say but I want to be healthy make me so. There are some things that are just unbalanced. The only fair thing to do, is to balance what is there. Divide it equally across the board, and not at the expense of one group or another.

Your socialistic ideals, simply have never worked. They never will work. Why? When you try to take from me, I will simply leave taking all I have with me. So now you have less to work with. This has always happened, and will always happen.

Our country works best when we are all UNITED, working as ONE, while being INDIVIDUAL.


It is each one of our duties to treat one another with respect. Dignity, and to HELP one another Live a Life of Purpose and Value…..

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