Will you ever love me?

Humanity is Fucked,
We choose sides, we divide.

Left and right, no side is actually right.
Race, sex, gender and creed, all different words for greed.

One man, who stands alone,
feels the first stone.

Religion and faith have been replaced with fear and hate.

Life has no value, if your white, black, yellow or orange.
News flows like a bloody nose, the truth no one ever knows.

Attack others, and take what is theres. Because they worked to make themselves great.
Bully me, for doing the best to be the best I can be.

Life has become a joke, every man is stuck in a yoke.

Humanity has died, compassion is gone, empathy is laughed at and passion is criticized.

Vets are homeless, kids are starving, the rich are hiding, and poor are dying.

You want to yell, you want to scream.

Remember Life, we all come in naked as an infant, we all leave when our time is done. No man has the right to stand before me, to prevent me from being the best me I can be. No man has the right to tell me, who I can be. I am who I am, and I will cry for you. I will pray for you. When I can I will help you.

Will you ever learn to love me?

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