Your missing so much.

Photography is simply not a hobby, nor is it a profession. To me it is my very existence. A way to express myself, a way to escape the crippling effects of a mind boggling disorder that brings chaos into all areas of my life. Photography is my therapy, allowing me to work through the traumas that hunt me. My passion, that keeps my will to live alive. Photography is everything to me. In so many ways, yet you probably will never understand.

I shoot as I feel, and I capture what strikes my emotions. My style, and often my publication is miss-understood. People simply can not see the pain I worked through just to take the shot. For the past year, pretty much all I have photographed is myself. As I have no real contact with the outside world, and I have no creative partners nor friends that are willing to be creative with me.

Sometimes, I produce a “traditional” photograph, and sometimes I have a creative process I apply to it.

Currently I have had to curb my creative photos, as my computer is rapidly failing me. Trying to creatively process photographs, my computer reboots its self, freezes and at times shuts down and wont come back for hours. I have been trying to raise the money to fund my vision, so I can do more. But no one wants to buy my works, nor even commission me. Right now I need $3500 just to get a rig going that will last me the next 10 years. Then my next goal is to get some new Olympus gear, but currently what I need for my creative photography, costs almost ¾ of my yearly income.

I am not asking you to just give give give me money freely. I am however asking you to please help me. So that I can continue to live a basic human life, and not be a complete prisoner to this debilitating mental disease. And maybe just maybe produce works, people will be inspired by so much they would purchase them and hang them in their homes, allowing me to be self sufficient and have purpose…

For more about my works, me and my vision please visit, share and support

Thank You…

I could really use your Help Today, I am $250 short on bills and my computer I create with is failing fast, Will you please help me out today? Just $10 can be a huge help, Please now I need to raise $3500 ASAP Thank You So Much.

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