Sad 2019-01-09

When I was lonely did you entertain me?
When I was sad did you make me happy?
When I was tired did you give me rest?
When I was hungry did you feed me?
When I was sick did you care for me?
When I was broken where you there for me?
When I was poor did you support me?

This list can go on forever.

The fact is, I am all of those thing and more. What is sad. Is the fact you have never been there for me. In any capacity. For I have been cast out of heaven kicking and screaming. Begging God to never send me to earth. Yet cursed to this hell for all eternity. For God had said, for child you are the one that the world needs now. Yet the world refuses to see me. My hands are tied, my legs are bound. My lips are sealed. My emotions scream out. Yet you hear me not. You refuse to offer any support. The world is consumed by evil selfishness. There is no compassion. There is no respect. There is no reason to save the human race.
My life has been both in and of hell. Why O Lord did you choose me? For this curse is unseen, as my hear bleeds. For you see O Lord, man has no use for me. I am but garbage, with no dump, I am trash with no can. Shit I am, is how you the world sees me.

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