All About Focus 2019

For my 10’s of adoring fans and supporters #HappNewYear2019 here is my first Self Portrait and Photograph of 2019, photo taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 & M.Zuiko Digital 25mm F1.8 @ F2.8 1/10s ISO500 25mm

Focus, So many great leaders and artists for all of time have had one thing in common. They know how and were to Focus. In photography, focus is all about making the subject stand out from the rest of the scene. For me, I have two ways I focus, with one lens my only option is manual. That takes a bit of mastering and careful consideration. With all my other lens’s I use auto focus, but I dont just let the camera pick the focus point. On my OM-D I can choose where I want the camera to focus, and I can also tell it to give priority to the face and eyes. For the photo above, I actually had all focus points selected, but with face and eye priority turned on. By doing so at F2.8 the over all photograph tells a story, while focusing on the main subject, in this case me. Where you have a clear clean shot of my face and body. As you move away from my face the focus slowly drops off, but it actually never goes totally out of focus. It just provides the background and supporting areas a softer focus with a gentle focus blur. Over all this photograph is appealing to look at, as you get to see a few things your eyes are drawn back by the focus on my face. If you have been having troubles obtaining or maintaining focus in your photography. The first thing is, make sure your contacts between your camera and lens are clean. Second, a clean lens helps. Make sure you have the correct camera settings for the light you are working with. Too low of ISO or exposer, and your camera will struggle finding focus. Then, your camera has focus points, open up your manual and learn what those points are, and if your shooting people, use that face detection feature. It helps a lot. If your shooting in manual focus, I suggest shooting in mono color mode. As you will have a crisper cleaner view with better contrast in your viewfinder, to find and perfect your focus. Now shooting in mono color mode should be no issue at all, even if you wanted a color photograph. Why, because you should be shooting in raw, and when you shoot raw, it dose not matter. Back to focus, 2019 is a new year, and like a photograph. You have the chance to focus on what you want. You have the ability to choose what subjects should be in the foreground, what should be in the background, and what will support the main body of work you want in focus. Sometimes you have to spend a little extra time finding that focus, and sometimes you have to work really hard at maintaining it. This year, find your focus and follow it. I promise you, when you learn how to use all your tools, settings and let them work for you. Focus becomes supper easy. Happy Shooting and Have A Creative New Year.

If you find your struggling with focus both in your life and your photography, reach out to me and lets see if we cant together help find your focus.

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