Please Read This 2018-12-12

Another year has come and gone, another year in which I have struggled to survive. I started in debt, and ending in debt. I tried everyday, to make a living, to make a friend. Only to be hungry, lonely and with out any hope for my future. Lost as to why. I am not a man that communicates well. I am so very different that the rest of the human race. When I ask for help, either I am disregarded. Or worse I am made to look or feel as a worthless fool. People assume, that because I am trying to do something, that I am able to do it alone. So they trash me, when I reach out and ask for help. They dont realize, I simply can not do much of anything upon my own. I can shower, wipe my ass, cook my food, feed myself. But I can not, afford to eat healthy, have decent clothes, pay off my debt. Live with purpose. I can not get out on my own to build a life. I am trapped, and because I make an effort each day, people refuse to help me. They think I just need to suck it up and do more. I am, 40 years old. I have defied death, and what I was told many times to make this far. Do More. Id love to. But I can not by myself. Yet you do not understand that. Just because I was able to type and share this, does not mean I am a man of any means. I need a great deal of help right now. So that next year is a better year, and so that I can combat the feelings of being worthless, and to lose the desire to die. But again you dont care, your just going to say suck it up and try harder. Trying to live, is all I can do. I fight the urge to end it all each day. So please, dont say try harder. Many have failed and given up after much less. The traumas I have lived, the dreams I have, and the reality I live. All make up the fact, I am. I will be. So Please, will you help? I need a hand up so that I have firm footing to stand upon. I need to clear my debt, I need to obtain a permanent home that is my own. After I do, I need the support to grow. So that I can provide for myself. I am positive with help, I can do so much more. Please, dont let me end this year living and feeling as if I dont matter…

Please, My Current Goal To Get To Is $450k Will You Please Help Me?

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