Personal Assistant Wanted!

Personal Assistant Wanted!


  • Must Be Compassionate

  • Must Be Creative

  • Must Be Hard Working

Your duties will include, coffee on demand 24/7

Driving me around at will 24/7

Promoting my vision, my brand, and my services.

Selling my art, and placing my works into both public and private shows.

You will love me, you will hate me. But you will love me. We will have lots of fun together.

As to compensation. Currently the only way you get paid, is if you sell my works and services. You will get a straight 10% on every cleared out sale. As we grow together, this will adapt to better benefit your loyalty to me.

Your requirements are: Be Single, Have a legal car that runs and drives. Have a valid Drivers License. Be willing to work odd hours, and be on call 24/7. Be able to respond to me with car within 25mins of me calling you. Also helps to know how to run an actual office, files, emails, all necessary office equipment, software ect…

If your ready for a wacky adventure, and think you can be everything I need. Then swing by pick me up, take me for coffee and lets get this party started. 

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